Dr. S. Scott Wiggins Participates in Research

Published by American Heart Association

Impact of Cardiac Implantable Electronic Device Infection


Authors: Dr. S. Scott Wiggins, a senior partner at Advanced Cardiovascular Specialists, along with Bruce L. Wilkoff, Giuseppe Boriani, Suneet Mittal, Jeanne E. Poole, Charles Kennergren, G. Ralph Corey, John C. Love, Ralph Augostini, Svein Faerestrand, Sherman S. Wiggins, Jeff S. Healey, Reece Holbrook, Jeffrey D. Lande, Daniel R. Lexcen, Sarah Willey, Khaldoun G. Tarakji and WRAP-IT Investigators.


Current understanding of the impact of cardiac implantable electronic device (CIED) infection is based on retrospective analyses from medical records or administrative claims data. The WRAP-IT (Worldwide Randomized Antibiotic Envelope Infection Prevention Trial) offers an opportunity to evaluate the clinical and economic impacts of CIED infection from the hospital, payer and patient perspectives in the United States healthcare system.


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