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In Heart to Heart, we sit down with leading experts in the field of cardiology to explore various topics related to heart health. Join the physicians of Advanced Cardiovascular Specialists every other Monday, as we discuss the specifics of cardiovascular care and tips for living a heart-healthy lifestyle. 


Advanced Cardiovascular Specialists (ACS), is a private physician group specializing in cardiovascular care based in Shreveport, Louisiana. As the only independent Cardiology group in the region, ACS is committed to providing superior cardiovascular care to our communities.


Cardiac Shockwave Therapy

Cardiac Shockwave Therapy

Stents are tiny tubes that can be inserted into narrowed arteries to restore blood flow. But as heart disease progresses, bone-like calcium deposits can form, causing rigidity in the artery and increasing the risk of complications during a stenting procedure.

A groundbreaking, minimally invasive treatment for calcified coronary artery disease called Shockwave Intravascular Lithotripsy (IVL) was recently approved by the FDA for use in the U.S. Dr. Baucum explains more in today’s episode of “Heart to Heart.”

Cardiac Shockwave Therapy


Statins are widely prescribed in patients to reduce bad cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart attack for people who are at high risk. In this episode of “Heart to Heart”, Dr. Baucum explains the most common uses of Statins, the wide range of statins available, their side effects, and more. Listen to this episode to learn the basics of Statins.

Cardiac Shockwave Therapy

Heart Failure Clinic

The Advanced Cardiovascular Specialists Heart Failure Clinic offers comprehensive management for patients with congestive heart failure. Our goal is to provide you with the very best care with the cardiologist you know and trust, as well as improve your quality of life. In this episode of “Heart to Heart,” Dr. Baucum explains how patients can utilize the Heart Failure Clinic and how remote cardiac monitoring is improving the patient experience.

Cardiac Shockwave Therapy

Impella 5.5® with SmartAssist®

It is our mission to provide patients with the highest level of care and access to cutting-edge, evidence-based technology and procedures. In this episode of “Heart to Heart,” we sit down with Dr. Trey Baucum and Mr. Richard Feinberg, who presented to the ER in very critical condition. Dr. Baucum had to make a quick and bold decision that ultimately led to a positive outcome for Mr. Feinberg. Listen to this episode to learn about Mr. Feinberg’s story.

Covid Effects on the Heart

Covid Effects on the Heart

We know that some people infected with COVID-19 may experience long-term effects from their infection, but thanks to a recent study, we now have scientific evidence of what this could mean for cardiovascular outcomes. In this episode of Heart to Heart, Dr. Pavan Katikaneni unpacks the finding of this study, which followed more than 150,000 individuals with COVID-19, more than 5.6 million contemporary controls and more than 5.8 million historical controls.

Covid Effects on the Heart

Treatment Therapies

What is new in the world of cardiology? In this episode of Heart to Heart, Dr. Pavan Katikaneni gives us a summary of some new advances and innovative therapies available at ACS. Be sure to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes!

Covid Effects on the Heart


The MitraClip™ could be a simple solution to your leaky heart valve. Even better, this procedure can be performed right here in Shreveport. In this episode of “Heart to Heart,” Dr. Katikaneni explains how patients have experienced significant improvement in their quality of life after the MitraClip™ procedure.

Covid Effects on the Heart

The Heart and Emotions

Can you really die of broken heart? In this episode of Heart to Heart, Dr. Katikaneni explains how the heart and the mind are intimately connected and how negative states of mind, including stress and depression, may increase the risk of heart disease.

Cardiac Shockwave Therapy

Cath Conference

Collaboration and knowledge sharing are key when it comes to treating complex heart issues. In this episode of Heart to Heart, Dr. Baucum explains how the doctors and surgeons collectively review cases on an ongoing basis, to ensure all patients receive the best care possible.

Cardiac Shockwave Therapy

Heart Myths and Misconceptions

What are some common misconceptions when it comes to heart health? Does heart disease affect everyone the same? Does eating Cheerios™ protect me from having heart disease? In this episode of “Heart to Heart,” Dr. Baucum addresses common myths and misconceptions surrounding the heart. 


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