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In Heart to Heart, we sit down with leading experts in the field of cardiology to explore various topics related to heart health. Join the physicians of Advanced Cardiovascular Specialists every other Monday, as we discuss the specifics of cardiovascular care and tips for living a heart-healthy lifestyle. 


Advanced Cardiovascular Specialists (ACS), is a private physician group specializing in cardiovascular care based in Shreveport, Louisiana. As the only independent Cardiology group in the region, ACS is committed to providing superior cardiovascular care to our communities.


Mitral Valve

Mitral Valve

Mitral valve regurgitation is a heart valve condition that affects the flow of blood in the heart. In this episode of “Heart to Heart,” we hear from Dr. Katikaneni as he discusses mitral valve regurgitation, leaky valves, prevention tips and alternative treatment options to open heart surgery (such as the MitraClip™ procedure).

Mitral Valve

Cardio Oncology

This week on “Heart to Heart,” Dr. Pavan Katikaneni talks about cardio-oncology and the process of identifying, monitoring and treating cardiovascular diseases caused by cancer treatments. Patients who are currently or have previously been treated for cancer are at an increased risk of developing heart disease. It’s important to alert your cardiologist of your history regarding cancer treatments, so they can appropriately monitor and respond to treatment side effects.

Men’s Heart Health

Men’s Heart Health

Men’s heart health is a critical concern, yet many men feel hesitant to seek help or make necessary changes. By creating a supportive environment and promoting awareness, we hope to encourage men to prioritize their cardiovascular well-being and overcome the barriers that prevent them from seeking help. Listen to Dr. Baucum as he discusses these issues and more in this episode of “Heart to Heart.”

Men’s Heart Health

Spring 2023 Covid-19 Update

Three years after our first podcast episode about COVID-19 and the heart, Dr. Baucum revisits that topic to share new updates. Listen to this episode of “Heart to Heart” to learn more about what is new with COVID-19, what impacts the response to COVID-19 had on heart health, what effects COVID-19 vaccines have on health and new studies that may answer why COVID-19 affects people differently.

Mitral Valve


The WATCHMAN™ device offers several benefits. It reduces the risk of stroke associated with atrial fibrillation while minimizing the long-term use of blood thinners, which can have side effects and require frequent monitoring. Additionally, the device can improve quality of life by eliminating the need for daily medication and reducing the risk of bleeding complications. Listen to Dr. Katikaneni in this episode of “Heart to Heart” to learn more.

Men’s Heart Health

The Vein Center

We all know that gravity is essential for life on Earth. Did you know that gravity also plays a role in your vascular health and affects varicose veins? In this episode of “Heart to Heart,” Dr. Baucum talks about all things varicose veins, venous disease and procedures that the Vein Center at ACS offers patients.

Men’s Heart Health

Allergies and Heart Health

Spring has sprung! With that, allergy season has also returned. In this episode of “Heart to Heart,” Dr. Baucum discusses if seasonal allergies affect your heart or your cardiovascular endurance. He also describes the reasons why you should be cautious when taking allergy medications. Listen to learn how you can best take care of your heart health this allergy season.

Men’s Heart Health


In this podcast episode, Dr. Baucum discusses how post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects the heart. PTSD can negatively impact heart health because of the immense strain that it puts on the heart. We also learn about how a new field of science called epigenetics reveals that traits from PTSD can be passed to your children, furthering the importance of seeking professional treatment for PTSD.

Men’s Heart Health

LifeStyle Habits

Lifestyle choices have a major impact on your heart health. Genetics also play a large role in heart health. You can’t alter your genes, but you can change your lifestyle. In this episode of “Heart to Heart,” Dr. Baucum gives examples of small steps that you can take to start living a healthier lifestyle this year.

Men’s Heart Health

Heart and Kidney

Your heart and kidneys work closely together. When one organ isn’t working well, it puts a huge strain on the other one. It is important to keep your heart healthy to also keep your kidneys healthy. Listen as Dr. Baucum explains more about the correlation between the heart and the kidneys.


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